Cavoodles Coat

Do Your dogs Shed? We at captivating cavoodles are often asked will our puppies be no shedding dogs. We just need to tell you that all dogs shed. Yes, even poodles, maltese, shih tzus, bichon frise, schnauzers, who many think don’t. All dogs shed, but if you think of shedding on a scale of 1 […]

Difference Between Male and Female Puppy

The difference between a male and a female puppy is a frequent question we are asked. Which would make a better family pet? This information is really our personal opinion from the dogs we have owned, speaking to other breeders and buyers of our puppies. If we could only own one dog it would be […]

Pet insurance

Our puppies are thoroughly checked by our vet for heart murmurs, hernias, ears, eyes, body condition, hips and knees, jaw alignment & palate, and body temperature. We take every measure we can to ensure our puppies are as healthy as can be. We send puppies home with 6 weeks complimentary pet insurance with Petplan. They […]

Finding the right breeder for you

We understand that choosing a new puppy is exciting and also a big decision therefore it is important to understand the breed, its needs and pet ownership requirements. Please consider these things when buying a puppy Finding a Good breeder Tips: Be sure the breeder is legally allowed to breed and that they are registered […]

Introducing your new puppy to other animals

This is a frequently asked question, as many pet owners would like to own more than 1 dog. What is the best way to introduce a puppy to an older dog or cat? There are many factors involved in how your older dog or cat will adjust to a new puppy, and each situation is […]