About us

We are a small registered dog breeding family living in Tamworth NSW, Australia.  We have been breeding now for over 15 years. My breeding journey with cavoodles began many years ago when I fell in love with the breed and researched them thoroughly. My first cavalier was a beautiful little ruby girl. She brought so much joy and love to myslef and our family we were instantly sold on the breed. We researched more into cross breeding and decided that was the best option for us to be able to breed healthy family pets. As many know, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels can be plagued with many health problems due in part to the small gene pool, resulting in a lot of inbreeding. Please refer to the article on cross breeding for more information as to why we believe this cross to result in the healthiest puppies. We have thoughtfully and carefully sourced our dogs, and DNA tested every one for all tests currently available, to ensure, as much as is in our control, genetically sound puppies. We select our dogs on health and temperament.

We are  registered breeders with Fur and Family First Companion Dog Breeders, membership number JK451916,  and have a yearly independent yearly vet audit of the premises where the dogs are kept, ensuring every dog and puppies welfare and general care is more than optimum. Puppies, like people, are a product of nature, and nurture, their genetic makeup and the environment in which they are raised. We take great pride in raising healthy, happy and well socialised little puppies.

Our mothers are well loved pets pets first and foremost, and their health and well being is of prime importance to us. They share our home, and our lives. They whelp in my home, usually in omy  bedroom where they feel most comfortable. They spend the first week under very close supervision, again generally in omy bedroom. I am always present, which results in many many sleepless nights, but wouldn’t have it any other way, as each puppy is of utmost importance to us. None of our dogs or pups are kept in cages. Most sleep on  beds!!
When puppies are between 3 and 4 weeks and begin to wander and take interest in life and food they come out to our living room so they can interact with the whole family. Once puppies reach 5-6 weeks they begin to venture outside to ensure they are exposed to sunglight, grass and lots of different experiences.

I don’t work away from home, so am able to devote my time to  beautiful puppies. As I am always on hand I have the time and the passion to devote to each little puppy to ensure all the physical needs are met, as well as their social and emotional needs.

We only sell our puppies directly to loving, comitted and caring families. We do not sell to pet shops or 3rd parties to onsell. We love to know just where our babies are going and stay in contact with families who purchase our puppies for years to come

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