Buying a Captivating Cavoodle Puppy

Buying a captivating cavoodle puppy

We understand buying a puppy can be a confusing and complicated experience. We try to help you as much as possible and make the process as simple as we can. 


Firstly is the research involved in deciding what breed of puppy is best suited to your lifestyle. If its a cavoodle we would love to help you. After all they are voted the number 1 best breed for family pets in Australia due to their delightful natures, low shedding and low allergenic coats and adaptability to most situations. 

Expression of interest Form

If, after your long and careful research you have decided you are ready to love and care for a new puppy, and prepared for the lifelong responsibility and commitment that involves, and a  cavoodle from Captivating Cavoodles is right for you, we ask if you can please fill out our expression of interest form found here. We will then contact you as soon as we can and let you know if our application has been successful and if so we will add you to our waiting list

Puppies Born

How exciting. When a litter arrives we will contact you if we have the puppy you are looking for. Once the puppies are roughly a week or so old, and thriving we will send you our sales agreement, which explains our responsibility as a breeder, and yours as a puppy owner. If you are happy to go ahead we ask you to return the sales agreement.

Puppy Reserved

Once the sales agreement has been returned and a deposit has been paid your puppy is secure. We take the responsibility of raising your new lifetime family member very seriously, and  do all we can to raise your puppy in a safe, healthy, happy and socially stimulating environment to ensure you will have the best new family member to join your family. 

What to expect from us once your puppy is reserved

We take the responsibility of raising your puppy very seriously. We follow a puppy culture approach to raising your puppy, which we believe is the best way to ensure your puppy is well adjusted and experiences as many different sounds, experiences and stimulation as possible in their early life with us. 

Due to their vulnerability in these early weeks, we don’t allow anyone to come and “play” with your puppy as this jeopardises their health and well being, and we will not risk their precious little lives for someone to have a cuddle to satisfy their cuddling need or curiosity. Tamworth is one of the highest, if not the highest city in Australia for reported cases of Parvovirus, a deadly virus to unvaccinated puppies. 

We stay in contact during these exciting early weeks, and are always available for any questions you may have during your puppies first 8 weeks with us, and for the lifetime of your new family member. 

We take photos as often as we can, and send good quality photos at least once a fortnight so you can be involved in their early life and watch them grow and change. When your puppy is about 6 weeks old we email you a very detailed 50 plus page booklet we have put together to help you be prepared for your new puppies arrival. This document explains almost all you will need to know including diet, training and general care. 

At around 7 weeks your puppy visits the vet, and is vaccinated, microchipped and thoroughly health checked. He also receives a fit to fly certificate if he is flying to meet you. Once this has been completed and your puppy is well and healthy final payment is required if your puppy is flying. 

8 Weeks and ready for their new home

Before you meet your puppy he will be bathed and manicured, looking his best in preparation to meet you

Your puppy will be ready to go home from 8 weeks old. This is when your puppy is developmentally ready to leave his Mum and siblings. He will have been weaned from mum and eating a healthy diet, having experienced all that important socialising from Mum and siblings, and is ready to bond with you and your family. It is ideal to bring your puppy home as close to 8-9 weeks as possible as this is the age they are developmentally ready to bond with their new family as well as learn positive social and human interaction, known as the critical socialisation period. 

Arrangements can be made for us to hold your puppy past 10 weeks but we don’t recommend it due to the vital importance of this early socialisation period. 


We love people to come and pick up from us in Tamworth, to be able to meet you and you to  be able to drive your puppy home, but we are aware that this is often not possible. We are happy to help with road transport options to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and places in between. We can help with flights to Perth, but it is a little complicated as we cant fly from Tamworth. 


Congratulations you are now a new parent to a beloved Captivating Cavoodle puppy. We hope your new baby brings you endless amounts of joy and love and we hope you will stain in contact and share with us your experience and photos via Facebook, message or email.