Terms and conditions

It is our goal that every puppy we breed will grow into a healthy, happy, long lived and well loved family pet.

Each puppy, to the best of our knowledge will be in good health and free of communicable diseases at time of sale. The puppy will have had a full health check, first vaccination, be microchipped, and wormed before being handed over to the buyer

By paying a deposit the buyer agrees to these terms and conditions.

By accepting the deposit amount specified we agree to hold the above puppy for the buyer until the puppy is 8 weeks or ready to go. The deposit is non refundable,for change of mind and signifies the intent of the buyer to follow through with the purchase of the puppy. No puppy will be held without a deposit.

If the puppy is found to be ill, unhealthy or for any reason not pass the veterinary health check, while in our care, a full refund will be given.

We agree to take photos of your puppy every 2 weeks from time of sale so you can see your puppy grow. We love and adore raising these puppies and even though we would love nothing better then to take photos every day it is very time consuming and not practical. Thus after you have agreed upon a puppy your next photos will be sent 2 weeks later. Sometimes beautiful opportunities arise and i have the opportunity to take photos more frequently but
this is not to be expected.

Once your puppy has received its first vaccination and passed a full health check a date to deliver, or fly the puppy will be agreed upon and you will be required to pay the remaining amount at time of pick up or prior to that date. Final payment is either by cash, at time of pick up, by direct deposit or paypal. Direct deposit must be executed 5 business days prior to pick up or flight to ensure all funds cleared into our account.

To help with the transition we are also sending your new puppy home with 6 weeks Petplan Insurance. Please note there is a 72 hour waiting period for accidents and a 7 day waiting period for illness before this insurance comes into effect. We think it a wise idea and strongly encourage you to continue with pet insurance once the 6 weeks is up, as you are never aware of when accidents may arise. In the unlikely event that your puppy becomes unwell in the first 72 hours (this has never happened to any puppy we have bred, except maybe a mild case of loose stools caused by stress), please contact us straight away.

It is recommended that a licensed veterinarian examine your puppy during the first 72 hours from purchase. A full refund or a replacement dog when one becomes available will be given for any puppy found unhealthy during the first 72 hours. Your vets written statement of diagnosis, including a detailed description of all symptoms supporting diagnosis, results of any tests performed, and the reason why he or she feels the dog is a poor health risk must be presented at the time the dog is returned. If the buyer does not take the puppy for a check up within 72 hours from the date of purchase this warranty is null and void.

If puppy is found to have a congenital condition, within the first 4 months of life, that was not apparent at time of sale and can be attributed to our breeding we will be happy to replace him for a puppy of similar type. This will require a waiting time as we are just small breeders. We will however need to see a vet report diagnosing the condition, and speak to the vet. We do not give cash refunds.
In addition to the above, the treatment and tests that you and your vet decide to perform is not in my control. I will not be responsible for vet bills incurred after the puppy leaves my home without my consultation. I will endeavor to be open and honest about all aspects of your chosen baby including their health.

We hold no responsibility for the development of diseases or health conditions that can be caused by the environment, lifestyle, diet and/or improper care of the dog. We accept no liability for illness or death of dog due to improper handling or an accident. We do not provide any guarantee on quality of coat. It is recommended that the buyer research the breed prior to purchasing a puppy.We will take your puppy back at anytime if you no longer want him or her or can’t keep her at any time. But we do not refund money to the buyer for returned puppies. We will consider your circumstances but make no commitment to a refund.

We are also bound by Animal Welfare Code of Practice – Breeding Dogs and Cats

If you wish to read this in full it is located at http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/agriculture/livestock/animal-welfare/codes/breeding-dogs-andcats

One of the standards that must be disclosed at or prior the time of sale is – If within 3 days a dog or cat is not acceptable to the purchaser the breeder is required to take the dog or cat back and refund 50% of the purchase price of the animal. The purchaser needs to organise for the pup to be returned to the breeder. We will however take back any pup in the first 3 months of puppies life, up until puppy is 12 weeks of age, for whatever reason and refund half your money, as we believe 3 days is not long enough.

Captivating Cavoodles are committed to every puppy we breed. If at any time in your dog’s life you can no
longer care for your dog, we will give it a home her or find a new permanent home at no
charge except when transport costs are incurred. Alternatively we will help you find a suitable
home for your dog through advertising on our facebook page or website.


1. The Buyer will provide a safe and healthy home for this dog.
2. That Buyer will have this dog vaccinated and seen by a veterinarian on a regular schedule
and ensure that the dog receives good medical treatment and care.
3. That Buyer is responsible for all veterinarian fees for the examination and/or treatment of
the dog.
4. That UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will Buyer ever turn the dog over to a shelter or
5. that buyer will desex the puppy by 6 months of age