What is the Difference between First Generation, Second Generation, F1B, etc.


We often get asked what is the difference between a first generation (F1) and a second (F2) or third generation  (F3), Cavoodle, or a first generation backcross (F1B). 


A first generation (F1) Cavoodle is the offspring of a cross between a pure poodle (usually toy or miniature), and a pure cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Many breeders only breed first generation cavoodles due to the consistency of the puppies, usually displaying a fairly even mix of the two breeds, all with a consistent, low shedding wavy coat, and the health benefits of crossing two different breeds with different genetics. This is discussed in detail in our article  titled INBREEDING, LINE BREEDING AND CROSS BREEDING IN DOGS https://captivatingcavoodle.com/service/inbreeding-line-breeding-and-cross-breeding-in-dogs/


Second Generation cavoodles means 2 cavoodle parents are bred together  resulting in a litter of puppies that will be ¼ mainly poodle with a curly low shedding coat, ¼ mainly cavalier with straight shedding coat and ½ typical cavoodle with the low shedding wavy coat. This cross results in unpredictable coat and appearance and a greater risk of health issues due to crossing dogs with the same genetic issues. The coat type often isn’t obvious until the puppies are older. 


A third generation cavoodle is a 2nd generation cavoodle crossed with a 2nd generation cavoodle. Again this cross is unpredictable in appearance and coat and has a higher health risk. 


A first generation back cross, commonly referred to as an F1B or sometimes as an F2B is a purebred crossed to the first generation cross. A f1B poodle cross is a first generation cavoodle crossed back to a poodle, and results in a lovely cross with typically a little curlier coat than the first generation, but all pups will be low shedding the same as the first generation.  This has become one of my favourite crosses, due to the lovely thick coat, typical teddy bear appearance, and delightful nature. 

A F1B cross with a cavalier king charles back to a cavoodle will result in some puppies have cavalier shedding coats, and some having the cavoodle low shedding coat. This is not a desirable cross due to the unpredictability of the coat, with at least some pups having shedding coats and looking more cavalier in appearance, but generally with longer legs and skinny faces. This is often the cavoodle in which people are unhappy with the result. We would never breed this cross. 


We at Captivating Cavoodles breed only first generation toy cavoodles, and an occasional F1B with a cavoodle to a poodle to cement colour and for those wanting a more poodle coat. 


Cavoodle Generations  
1st Generation (F1) Parent 1 Poodle x Parent 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (CKCS)
2nd Generation (F2) Parent 1 1st Generation Cavoodle x Parent 2 1st generation Cavoodle 
3rd Generation (F3) Parent 1 2nd Generation Cavoodle x Parent 2 F2 or above. There needs to be at least 2 generations of Cavoodle breeding behind both parents for a puppy to be classed as F3.
F1b Cavalier Parent 1 First generation Cavoodle  x parent 2 Pure Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
F1b Poodle Parent 1 first generation Cavoodle  x Poodle