Finding the right breeder for you

We understand that choosing a new puppy is exciting and also a big decision therefore it is important to understand the breed, its needs and pet ownership requirements.

Please consider these things when buying a puppy

Finding a Good breeder Tips:
Be sure the breeder is legally allowed to breed and that they are registered with their Local Council
and with an association such as the AAPDB inc. or ANKC.
Be sure the breeder is prepared to discuss your needs and your puppies needs and be able to
answer your questions.
Do they provide Vaccination, micro-chipping and more?’
Do they provide complimentary pet insurance for up to 6 weeks
Is the breeder breeding for the right reasons- to provide a happy, healthy, socialized family pet?
Is the breeder happy to provide support after the puppy has been purchased and happy to have the
puppy/dog returned if required at any time throughout its life time for any reason?
Is the breeder encouraging you to have the dog de-sexed?
Will you receive guidelines / instructions/ notes to assist you with your puppy’s transitions?
Does the breeder endeavour to breed from only sound, healthy genetically tested dogs?
Does the breeder follow the dpi regulations
Does the breeder offer lifetime rehoming
All these guidelines combined -contribute to a good ethical breeder and ensure you are on your way
to purchasing a good healthy puppy