Why Choose a Cavoodle

Why Cavoodles?

Which dog is fantastic with all ages and all animals,  is obedient, intelligent, loyal and sheds very little hair if at all? Well the Cavoodle of course! Cavoodles have probably become Australia’s long standing favourite breed and it’s really no surprise why. They are an all-round great family dog. Cavoodles are the result of crossing the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with the Poodle (usually toy or miniature sized). Most of our Cavoodles are the toy sized Cavoodles which are smaller than the miniature sized Cavoodles, however, the miniature Cavoodle is still a small sized dog. The Cavoodle inherits its intelligence from the Poodle which is known to be one of the most intelligent and trainable breeds while it’s soft and sweet nature comes from the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

ethical breeder of cavoodles

The cavoodle, being an incredibly social dog, prefer and thrive on the company of people. They do not cope well with being left alone for long periods of time or being an outside only dog. We are the ethical breeders of cavoodles in Australia and  most of our Cavoodles go to homes with children but are equally just as suitable for people of any age . Many of our Cavoodles also share their homes with other pets, including other dogs, cats, rabbits and birds but it’s important to supervise them while they are young puppies to make sure they don’t pester other animals.

The Cavoodle coat is normally a soft, wavy, free flowing coat which will shed very little if at all.The amount of maintenance depends on the individual dog and how the owners prefer the coat to look. Because the coat doesn’t shed much like a shedding dog, the coat will need regular clipping. How often really depends on how long you prefer the coats. Most Cavoodle owners clip their dog’s coat once every 6 to 12 weeks. This can be done yourself or by a professional groomer. The longer the coat the more brushing is required. However, if the coat is kept relatively short than the occasional brush is all that’s needed.

Since the Cavoodle has gained so much popularity it has unfortunately attracted some unscrupulous breeders including puppy farms and backyard breeders leading to some dogs with poor health and behaviour issues. Many breeders just throw 2 dogs together and hope for the best. We at Captivating Cavoodles strives hard to breed the healthiest happiest little puppies we can. We carefully select every one of our dogs for their temperament and health and we DNA test them all to strive to breed the best puppies we possibly can, who will go on to become lieflong family companions.

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