Grooming Your Captivating Cavoodle puppy

There are many great advantages to buying a cavoodle, including their coat. Generally first generation cavoodles are low shedding, which means you won’t see much coat left on your furniture, floor or clothes. But it also means you will need to regularly groom your cavoodles coat, as it the coat keeps growing and doesn’t fall out.

When should I have my puppy groomed for the first time?

We believe it is best to develop a good relationship between your groomer and your puppy, and the grooming tools,so recommend their first grooming to be as  soon as all your puppy’s immunisations are complete.. Having him or her groomed is a wonderful chance for your puppy to go and make new friends and learn to be away from you for a short period of time in a safe environment. Grooming is not only about getting a great little ‘haircut, but is also great for socialising,

How often should I get my cavoodle groomed?

Again, this really just depends on how long you prefer the coat to be.  Some Cavoodle owners have their dogs clipped once a year while others prefer having them clipped every 6-8 weeks.  The longer the hair the more brushing required but otherwise it’s actually a very easy coat to maintain. We recommend grooming roughly every 8-10 weeks as this keeps the coat manageable and tidy

What about brushing?

Brushing of your dogs beautiful coat is recommended to keep it looking its best. It’s helpful to get your young puppy used to regular brushing. We find a metal tooth comb and a slicker brush the easiest and best to groom with. Once or twice  a week would should be adequate, depending on the length of their coat. Clipping often makes their coat more manageable. At the very least it is a good idea to keep face and bottom trimmed regularly, and a full body clip twice a year.

An advantage of regular brushing is you give your  baby a good look over, this way you avoid little nastys like grass seeds, scratches or fleas going unnoticed.


We recommend a bath every 2-3 weeks in warm weather or if your puppy gets dirty. In winter its not necessary to bath so frequently.

It is very important that your little puppy is bathed in a GOOD quality shampoo; their skin has a ph balance very different to a human. Using incorrect shampoos can lead to all sorts of issues ranging from skin disorders to eye problems. We love Aloveen oatmeal shampoo for dogs and leave in Aloveen oatmeal conditioner for dogs.

It’s my first groom, what do I need to know!

“When you come for your first groom – apart from discussing how cute and adorable your new family member is and having lots of cuddles – it’s important to discuss the coat length, if there are a lot of tangles, and what suits your family as far as brushing and maintenance. This will help us give you advice on what options you have with the type of coat your Oodle has. If you are looking for a particular style, we can also provide a few photos for you so you can get an idea of what styles are available.

In our experience a puppy’s first groom between 16-18 weeks is more a get to know each other as most owners still  like a gorgeous fluffy puppy with not too much to take off body length. it’s important to have that first experience short and fun and then your puppy will be ready for the next grooming more confident. Look for a groomer who can provide that service.


Cavoodles tend to be more susceptible to ear problems as they have floppy ears that do not allow good airflow. Take care with bathing not to get water in the ears. When looking at the inside of your Cavoodles ears they should be nice and Pink, not RED. Take a damp washcloth or cotton ball and gently wipe the inside of the ears. Only wipe the areas that you can see, do not poke or put anything into their inner ears. You can buy specific cleaner and powder at pet stores or your veterinarian’s office. Do Not Use alcohol because it will dry out the ears. Check them weekly for redness or strong odors that may indicate the presence of something unwelcome.


Little puppy toenails grow rapidly. A trim of the tips is recommended every 2 weeks. When little a pair of people nail clippers work well. When their nails get thicker a pair of specially designed dog nail clippers are required.

One important point to remember?

Always always brush all knots out of your puppy/dog before bathing. Little cavoodles have wonderful coats, they do however tend to tangle and stay tangled if you add water to a matted coat. Most importantly make brushing an enjoyable experience, lots of treats and patience. If a puppy gets bored and bites during grooming, make sessions shorter and never end grooming on a negative note. If puppy is sitting and loving the brushing but you only have one leg done, give the little fella treats, praise, and cuddles then come back later for the other legs. Make sure grooming is a positive enjoyable experience.