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DNA Testing

All our dogs that we breed are DNA tested, currently using the company Orivet Genetic Pet Care. We choose to use this company as they are Australian, very helpful and always researching to provide the most updated  tests and services. We have recently found out that the cream gene is not tested for in dachshunds […]


Proactively socialising your puppy is essential. Puppies have what is called a ‘critical socialisation period’ between approximately 3-17 weeks of age. The puppy’s experiences during this critical period of learning and development can influence and shape their behaviour well into adulthood. Providing plenty of opportunities for socialisation and exposure to different environments during this time […]

Puppy Stages and Development

Important Puppy Stages When will my puppy grow up? Why does it seem like they are going backwards in their training and not listening? Why is my puppy growling at things they’ve seen a million times before? These are all questions that we are commonly asked by our Captivating Cavoodles  families. Did you know, that […]

Cavoodles Coat

Do Your dogs Shed? We at captivating cavoodles are often asked will our puppies be no shedding dogs. We just need to tell you that all dogs shed. Yes, even poodles, maltese, shih tzus, bichon frise, schnauzers, who many think don’t. All dogs shed, but if you think of shedding on a scale of 1 […]